OilComm Conference & Exposition
FleetComm Conference
Conference & Exposition | October 3-4, 2018 | Houston Marriott Westchase | Houston, TX

OilComm and FleetComm 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

OilComm and FleetComm offer many opportunities to help your company stand out from the crowd. Before, during and after the conference and exposition, our sponsorships can afford you the visibility and branding you need to accomplish your sales and marketing goals and be truly effective in conveying your company’s message to our qualified buyer audience.

Exhibiting companies receive exclusive discounts on sponsorships!
Discounted amount listed next to opportunity.

Our team is committed to providing you customized sponsorship options that fit your budget and help ensure your success at OilComm and FleetComm! Sponsorships must be contractually bound and any unapproved sponsorship are strictly prohibited.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Badge Sponsor    SOLD
Every OilComm attendee and exhibitor is required to wear a name badge throughout all conference sessions and the exhibit hall. Insert your company message into the badge holder with a double-sided, full-color insert distributed onsite with all registrant’s badges!  Includes your company logo included on the badge stock, and one printed insert.

Banner Ad (300×250) – $3,250 (Exhibitor Discount $2,600)
Build visibility through the official website for OilComm and FleetComm.  Includes a 300 x 250 banner ad on www.OilComm.com through October 2018. 6 opportunities available.

Banner Ad (728×90) – $3,250 (Exhibitor Discount $2,600)
Build visibility through the official website for OilComm and FleetComm.  Includes a 728 x 90 banner ad on www.OilComm.com through October 2018. 6 opportunities available.

Bar/Breezeway Banner – $3,750 (Exhibitor Discount $3,000)
High visibility!  Located next to the bar at the Houston Marriott Westchase, everyone is sure to see your message!  Includes a 3’ x 7.25’ banner onsite.

Breakfast Sponsor – $4,750 (Exhibitor Discount $3,800)
Hundreds of attendees will start the day off right with the most important meal of the day. Set up outside the keynote session room each day, these sponsorships offer terrific visibility and generates plenty of recognition and appreciation from attendees. Includes signage at the Breakfast, napkins with your logo featured, recognition on the web site and in the on-site program guide, the opportunity to distribute materials at the breakfast and one Full Conference registration.  2 opportunities available.

Breezeway Door Entrance Clings – $3,500 (Exhibitor Discount $2,800)
Sponsorship includes 2 clings covering both doors leading from outside to the breezeway of the Houston Marriott Westchase.

Conference Bag – $6,250 (Exhibitor Discount $5,000)
See your brand walking around the Exhibition by becoming the sponsor of these high quality bags. Every attendee receives one conference bag that is stuffed with the program guide and a promotional insert of the sponsor’s choice. Attendees use the bags throughout the conference, giving your brand repeated exposure not just to the person carrying the bag, but even after the conference. Includes bag with sponsor logo and option to insert literature into the bag.

Conference Pen – $3,500 (Exhibitor Discount $2,750)
Everyone always wants a nice pen to write with, so make sure yours is in the hands of communications executives. Pens branded with your company’s logo will be placed at every seat in the conference session, and will be used at Registration at the event. This sponsorship is one that is sure to go home and be used by every attendee.  Includes pen branded with company logo.

Conference Session – $4,500 (Exhibitor Discount $3,600)
The hottest topics and challenges involving communications for the oil and gas community will be discussed and debated by end-users and industry experts throughout the OilComm & FleetComm programs.  If your company provides a solution to one or more of these challenges, sponsoring a relevant conference session is simply the best way to hit your target market and buyers of your product category. Includes logo next to the conference session in promotional materials and onsite, logo included on title slide in the session room, meterboard with sponsor’s artwork in the conference area and one Full Conference registration.

Email Deployment to OilComm and FleetComm audience – $2,150 (Exhibitor Discount $1,750)
Reach OilComm attendees directly with your messaging by reserving a dedicated email blast!  You can choose to have your messaging sent pre-show, on-site or post-event – a great way to drive traffic to your booth, highlight a new product/service announcement or simply keep in touch with OilComm and FleetComm audience year-round.  Deployment dates are reserved on first come, first served basis.  Company to supply designed html file for deployment.

Front Entrance Window Clings – $4,500 (Exhibitor Discount $3,600)
Before attendees even walk through the doors of the Houston Marriott Westchase, they’ll see your branding!  Includes window clings next to the revolving doors at the entrance, top half of doors only.

Grand Pavilion Door Clings – $3,500 (Exhibitor Discount $2,800)
Sponsorship includes 2 clings covering both doors leading from outside to the Show Floor/Grand Pavilion of the Houston Marriott Westchase.

Hotel Bar Experience – $8,750 (Exhibitor Discount $7,000)
From morning to night, for breakfast to late night drinks, attendees will congregate at the Republic – A Texas Grill all throughout OilComm and FleetComm.  With the Hotel Bar Experience sponsorship, your brand and company will be front and center!  Includes static clings on the bar countertop, column wrap in the bar/restaurant area and branded napkins handed out in the evenings.

Hotel Lobby Experience – $8,750 (Exhibitor Discount $7,000)
Make a first – and lasting – impression at OilComm and FleetComm! When attendees walk through the front doors of the Houston Marriott Westchase, your company will be the first they see!  Includes branded paneling at the front desk, clings on the glass surrounding the elevators and one Full Conference registration.

Lanyards    SOLD
Every OilComm and FleetComm registrant is required to wear a name badge throughout the conference sessions and the exhibit hall, and lanyards are a great way to enhance your brand and increase your corporate visibility! This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your company’s name will be in front of literally every attendee and exhibitor.  Includes lanyards branded with your company’s logo.

Leads+ Access Package – $695 (Available to exhibitors only)
The OilComm and FleetComm website features the official directory, floor plan, and show planner for attendees to find new products and services, and plan their time at the show. Stand out from the crowd and enhance your listing with the Leads + Access Package! You can upgrade your exhibitor listing to include product images, videos, priority placement in the exhibitor listing and access to any visitors who save your profile and share their information!

Logo Upgrade Package – $395 (Available to exhibitors only)
The OilComm and FleetComm website features the official directory, floor plan, and show planner for attendees to find new products and services, and plan their time at the show. Stand out from the crowd and enhance your listing with the Logo Upgrade Package! Includes your company logo and product images on your online profile.

Mobile App – $7,000 (Exhibitor Discount $5,600)
Put your company’s brand and message right in attendees’ hands with the Mobile App Sponsorship! Attendees will have the ability to access session times, exhibitor listings, event information and a map of the exhibit hall floor plan using their smart phone and mobile devices. Your banner ad will be displayed on each page of the application providing you guaranteed impressions from all using the mobile app! Includes company logo in all mobile app promotions, banner ad in mobile app, branded splash page in mobile app, dedicated tile in mobile app, Leads+ Access package and 4 push notifications to deploy during the event.

Networking Break – $4,000 (Exhibitor Discount $3,200)
Scheduled networking breaks provide attendees with a complimentary and convenient way to enjoy refreshments and snacks, all compliments of your company!  Includes signage in the break area, branded napkins at the networking break and opportunity to distribute materials in the break area.

Opening Keynote – $6,500 (Exhibitor Discount $5,200)
Each morning, OilComm and FleetComm kick off with a highly-regarded executive to spark innovation, and set the tone for the day.  As the sponsor of the Opening Keynote, you can align your company with these experts! Includes company logo next to Opening Keynote in promotional materials, meterboard signage in the Opening Keynote room, opportunity to place materials on the seats in the room, inclusion of branded powerpoint slide during the walk-in loops and one Full Conference registration.  2 opportunities available.

Outside Column Wraps – $4,250 (Exhibitor Discount $3,400)
Located outside the Grand Pavilion, these columns are located in a highly visible, highly trafficked area of OilComm and FleetComm.  Includes two four-sided columns 3’ x 8’.

Padfolio – $7,000 (Exhibitor Discount $5,600)
High-quality padfolios featuring your company logo will be handed out to all conference attendees at the registration area – the perfect way to ensure that all conference delegates see your brand when they check in, and throughout the conference as they use their padfolios to take notes.  Includes padfolios branded with your company logo.

Pavilion Entrance Floor Decal – $4,000 (Available to exhibitors only)
Includes 10’ x 10’ branded floor decal, located at the entrance of the Show Floor.

Program Guide Advertising – pricing varies
Reinforce your message with advertising in the official OilComm Program Guide.  Your four color ad will appear in the printed Program Guide distributed onsite.
Cover 3 or 4 (Full Page) – $1,500
Full Page – $1,100
Half Page – $900

Program Guide Sponsorship – $6,000 (Exhibitor Discount $4,800)
As the sponsor of Program Guide, your company will receive exclusive branding and recognition in the official Program Guides distributed on-site to all attendees.  The Program Guide as a year-round reference for attendees to view the conference program, speaker bios and exhibitor profiles on-site and long after the event ends.  Includes your company logo on the cover of the Program Guide, full page ad in the Cover 2 position, and one Full Conference registration.

Receptions – $15,000 (Exhibitor Discount $12,000)
Each night, attendees and exhibitors alike loosen their ties, kick back and enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres while they reconnect with colleagues and form new connections.  Includes logo next to the reception in promotional materials, opportunity to hand out materials at the reception, branded napkins at the reception, branded koozies at the reception and meterboard signage with your company’s artwork at the reception.  2 opportunities available.

Registration – $8,500 (Exhibitor Discount $6,800)
From start to finish, your brand will be front and center the entire way!  Includes banner ad in the online registration system, banner ad included in attendee and exhibitor confirmation emails, logo included on registration structure onsite, materials distributed in publication bin next to registration and two Full Conference registrations.

Room Key Card – $5,500 (Exhibitor Discount $4,400)
Be the brand every attendee sees first thing in the morning, last thing at night and every other time they enter their hotel room. Be the company that is in everyone’s wallet!  Includes branded key cards handed to OilComm and FleetComm attendees at the front desk.

Show Floor Decals – $4,200 (Available to exhibitors only)
Drive traffic directly to your booth, no matter where attendees are on the floor!  Includes 10 2’ x 2’ stickers customized with your artwork placed around the show floor.  2 opportunities available.

Travel Mug – $7,000 (Exhibitor Discount $5,600)
Everyone loves their morning cups of coffee or tea! Ensure that your brand and message resonates year-round by sponsoring high-end travel coffee mugs that are distributed to conference attendees in the registration area.  This is one giveaway that is heavily utilized during the conference and doesn’t get thrown away! Includes travel mugs branded with your company logo and 2 Full Conference registrations.

Water Bottle – $6,000 (Exhibitor Discount $4,800)
Be the company that hydrates the OilComm crowd throughout the conference and in the field. Your company logo along with the OilComm logo will be featured on reusable water bottles that will be distributed to every attendee at the OilComm Registration Desk.  Includes water bottles branded with company logo and OilComm & FleetComm logo.

For more sponsorship information, contact David Muirhead:

David Muirhead
Sales Manager
Direct: +1-484-869-2378

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